Redheads swarm Wendy’s to protest logo

We gave Wendy’s a little heat last month for that spot with the pigtailed guy kicking trees, but apparently the burger chain has riled more than just us. Just as Wendy’s is turning its iconic red pigtails into an ongoing marketing tool (a new spot was up on YouTube briefly, but is now gone), redheads are turning out en masse to protest the logo. “We love Wendy’s,” a protest organizer said before demonstrating outside a Wendy’s in New York earlier this month. “We just wish they would have an accurate depiction of redheads. How many of us today wear our hair in pigtails? None, actually.” OK, so the protest isn’t real. It’s just the latest prank by Improv Everywhere, the folks who staged a classic invasion of Best Buy last year. Still, it’s considerably funnier buzz than Wendy’s has intentionally stirred up lately. Maybe they should give a few hundred pigtail wigs to the Improv Everywhere folks and see what happens. Once the Wendy’s execs are done wetting themselves, it might win them a Cannes Lion. UPDATE: Here’s the new pigtail spot, courtesy of Adrants.

—Posted by David Griner