Reddit Rolls Out New Image Galleries Feature

Up to 20 images and GIFs can be included in a single post

Reddit said it plans to add support for mixed media types including videos Reddit

Reddit Wednesday introduced Image Galleries, a new type of post that enables Redditors to include up to 20 images and GIFs.

Image Galleries are available as of Wednesday, via iOS only, for all communities that opt in, with Android support to be added next week.

Reddit said it plans to add support for mixed media types including videos “down the road.”

The platform said in a blog post Wednesday that the new Image Galleries feature gives users an easy way to include multiple images and GIFs in a single post and participate in its over 100,000 communities, while media organizations now have a new way to engage with its 430 million-plus monthly active users.

Senior product manager Tyler Swartz wrote, “Image Galleries fulfill a longstanding community request ever since we added support for image uploads back in 2016. We’re excited about products like Image Galleries because they give Redditors more ways to engage and share content with their favorite community, while also making communities more vibrant and exciting.”

Reddit said Image Galleries was a popular feature requests from its do-it-yourself, food and style communities, saying as an example that the latter wanted a better way to display multiple fits for clothing, ideas for interior design and different makeup techniques in a single post, complete with captions and links.

Likewise, DIY communities can provide step-by-step instructions on projects, while food communities can incorporate links to recipes and tutorials.

Reddit said the first media organizations and partners to begin using Image Galleries—with the option of adding URLs and captions to drive Redditors to contests, events, news articles, products and other destinations—will include The Independent, Insider, National Geographic and Serious Eats.

Community moderators must turn on the Image Galleries feature in order for Redditors to access it.

Once this is done, Redditors can tap “Create a Post” and select the “Image Post” option, after which they can add up to 20 images and GIFs, rearrange the order, include a post title, add a caption of up to 180 characters for each image or GIF and post.

“Spoiler” or “Not Safe for Work” tags can also be applied, if necessary.

Reddit David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.