Red Velvet Oreos Are a Delightfully Awkward Aphrodisiac in Quirky Valentine Cartoons

Sparks for strangers

If regular Oreos don't already put you in the mood for love, maybe try the cookie's new Red Velvet flavor. The limited-edition Valentine's Day product stars in a new animated campaign from 360i, and is presented as an awkward aphrodisiac for strangers.

The effects of Red Velvet Oreos might include a woman who looks kind of like a middle-aged Daria sliding her grip up a bus pole to touch the hand of the rocker hunk next to her. (In fact, the whole aesthetic seems inspired by '90s MTV cartoons.) And let's just say the dude is not moving his mitt away, either.

Irresistible cookie romance could also strike at the checkout counter, or 35,000 feet above sea level (because someone couldn't resist a nod to the Mile High Club). In other words, Red Velvet Oreos are like the Axe of cookies. (Its advertising is just—appropriately—quirkier and more subtle than most of the body spray's.)

There are six spots in total, with a new one rolling out each day this week. The brand says they're meant for people who aren't psyched about Valentine's Day. That makes some sense, because while Red Velvet Oreos might be a dubious gift, it's perfectly appropriate to shame-eat a pack while sitting alone at home watching rom-com marathons while everyone else is paired off and having a good time out on the town.

And whether or not Red Velvet Oreos will actually get you laid, one thing is for sure: More people should carry fanny packs with cookies in them.


Client: Oreo

Senior Associate Brand Managers: Kerri McCarthy, Elise Burditt

Senior Brand Manager: Lauryn McDonough

North America Director: Janda Lukin

Agency: 360i

Chief Creative Officer: Pierre Lipton

VP, Group Account Director: Sandra Ciconte

Group Creative Directors: Aaron Mosher, David Yankelewitz

Art Director: Kelsie Kaufman

Copywriter: Jessy Cole

Associate Producer: Ethan Brooks

Senior Producer: Amanda Kwan

Account Director: Josh Lenze

Senior Strategist: Maggie Walsh

Account Manager: Megan Falcone

Community Manager: Sarah Wanger

Community Supervisor: Namrata Patel

Production Company: Shadowmachine, Los Angeles

Executive Producers: Alex Bulkley, Corey Campodonico

Director, Producer: Jed Hathaway

Lead Animator: Sapphire Sandalo

Animators: Iana Kushchenko, Sean Nadeau

Character Designer: Matt Garofalo

Background Designer: Emilio Santoyo

Storyboard Artist: James Gibson

Animatic Editor: Peter Keahey

Sound Design: Pendulum Music (Ryan Franks, Scott Nickoley)

Commercial Rep: Honky Dory (Gisela Limberg, Ali Tiedrich)

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