Red Sox Thank Cardinals in Newspaper Ad for Being Such Awesome Losers

'From one great baseball town to another'

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The tradition of one city talking to another via newspaper ads continues today with a full-page ad in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch—placed by the Boston Red Sox, which beat the Cardinals in the World Series. "From one great baseball town to another," reads the headline. The copy goes on to salute St. Louis and its beloved baseball team for being such good sports while getting their asses kicked.

Of course, it's easy to be magnanimous in victory, but judging by the comments on the Post-Dispatch's Facebook page, Cardinals fans are generally thankful for the thank-you, and are calling the Red Sox a class act.

Boston may have learned something after being on the receiving end of similar gestures in the recent past. Last June, the Chicago Blackhawks thanked the Boston Bruins with an ad in the Globe after beating them in the Stanley Cup. And before that, the Chicago Tribune honored Boston with an impressive editorial salute following the bombings at the marathon.

Full ad below. Hat tip: @digimatized.