Recruiting miners still a tough assignment


Brunner returns with a new recruitment campaign for Consol Energy, less than three months after they last tried to convince us that coal mining was a good career alternative. In our view, it’s the most dangerous job on or below the earth, and should only be attempted by robots. I’m starting to think client and agency agree, on a subconscious level, in light of their advertising. New posters—visually arresting, to give Brunner its due—show cityscapes powered by coal-based energy and illuminated in the helmet lamps of miners. (See the full ad here.) Above ground there’s an industrial plant, an amusement park, office buildings—all safer places to work than coal mines. It’s almost as if the miners are trapped underground, imagining a world they may never see again. Dude, take the job punching tickets at the Ferris wheel! Carnies get lots of chicks, free nachos at the concession stand and always have enough air to breathe.

—Posted by David Gianatasio