Rebel alliance tries to strike at Viacom

In the wake of Viacom’s demand that YouTube pull more than 100,000 of its video clips, the above “Message to Viacom” video from a few months ago is again burbling up the charts. User FantasticBabblings posted to YouTube a homage to the Star Wars opening credits that reads, “While it is their legal right to control how their intellectual property is presented it is not their right to control what and how viewers choose to view.” It then calls for a boycott of Viacom. As user Tai1gate puts it in the comments section: “This is their property. Yes, it sucks and they shouldn’t be assholes about it. But, unfortunately, they can do what ever they want unless YouTube wants to lose a rancid law battle that any judge would favor Viacom in.”

—Posted by Kamau High