Really, They’re Yawning With Us, Not at Us

Diet Pepsi Max spot is contagious

In general, you don’t want people yawning during your ads. But if your spot shows people yawning, and viewers yawn in response, does that mean you’ve engaged them on some level? BBDO hopes that’s the case with this spot for Diet Pepsi Max. Of course, yawning is physiologically contagious, and viewers who yawn during the ad are merely exhibiting an involuntary reaction common to all humans, great apes and possibly stumptail macaques. Still, in an age of clutter, any involuntary physiological reaction to one’s commercial is a welcome involuntary physiological reaction. Particularly if your target market includes monkeys. One other note: Yawns are notoriously hard to fake, and this spot has a few that are less than convincing. Maybe they should have shot the commercial at 5 in the morning.