Reality-TV show comes to Brooklyn agency


With the success of Mad Men, it's no surprise that the reality-TV industry would start knocking on the doors of ad agencies. Sure enough, an MTV show called Hired is in the works and will track a handful of applicants trying to get a job at a hot New York agency. But, perhaps in a sign of the times, the agency isn't Saatchi & Saatchi or BBDO but digital agency Huge in Brooklyn. The shop's careers page has a new listing for an associate product strategist, noting that the interviews will be filmed for a TV show and applicants must meet with a "career coach" as part of the process. Huge wouldn't talk much about the program (they're positioning it more as a "documentary" style show), but I'm told it's slated to air on MTV in the spring and will feature executive creative director David Skokna (above) and a couple other Huge execs putting applicants through the paces. Considering the excitement generated by Jersey Shore, let's hope Huge has some tricks up its sleeve to spice up the interview process.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey