Real Estate Ads Done Well? Look No Further Than This Sweet Local Campaign From Maryland

'We sell houses. You make them homes'

They’ll take what’s inside the box, Monty!

In this syrupy sweet spot for Creig Northrop Team of Long & Foster Real Estate, a husband and wife keep giving each other gifts in little blue boxes.

These aren’t Tiffany boxes, but our cutesy couple seem pleased as punch all the same:

Awww! (And they’ll be moaning Awww, not again! when they struggle out of bed for those 3 a.m. feedings.)

“We wanted to tell the story of a couple and their journey within an inside joke,” says Dan Schepleng, creative director at ad shop Kapowza, who also directed the ad for Maryland-based client. “All couples have inside jokes and their own little world. Fortunately, this inside joke also allows for a great mechanism for us to follow.”

Next, for a change of pace, we pump up the volume and follow the bouncing bed:

“I used to live in an apartment that had noisy neighbors upstairs, and that always drove me nuts,” Schepleng says. “Channeling that, I imagined how much worse could it really get? So we put a nightclub downstairs.”

If these ads seem kind of simplistic, well, maybe that’s their greatest strength. They state their case directly, with a bit of flair, deliver a meaningful brand message—and that’s that.

It’s a refreshing change from the recent trend of high-concept real-estate campaigns that go for broke by presenting wacky home-buying gameshows, haunted property pranks, realtors with laser-shooting eyeballs and dreamy pitches from Elizabeth Banks. (Though if you put all those elements in one commercial, then you’d have a winner!)

“The most effective campaigns we come across feature stories that are clear and don’t have a lot of fat on them,” says client marketing director Jennifer Swink. “The taglines ‘We sell houses. You make them homes’ and ‘Time for a new place?’ are clear. In today’s environment, people are oftentimes bombarded with complex messaging that dilutes the intended purpose.”

Client: The Creig Northrop Team of Long & Foster Real Estate
Agency: Kapowza
Writer/Director: Dan Schepleng
Producer: Sean Sutherland
Director of Photography: Martin Whittier, Charmcine
Production Designer: Jared Noe
Colorist: Martin Whittier, Charmcine
Post Production Audio: Studio Unknown
Production Studio: Bright Ideas Studios