ad turns your world upside down

The campaign's emphasis on U.S. citizens' self-preparedness seems to confirm what most Americans already know: We'd better not rely on our government for help in times of disaster. This latest PSA, timed to coincide with the start of National Preparedness Month, was fashioned by Cramer-Krasselt and features some nicely done special effects. We never learn what the disaster is. Nuclear war? Earthquake? Genetically re-engineered dinosaurs? Whatever it is, it's obvious that the shit has hit the fan (and is seriously messing with gravity), so we'd better have our preparedness kits handy. I've got rum and Kleenex in mine, because I'm a big baby and I plan on getting drunk and crying a lot during the apocalypse. Speaking of dinosaurs, the opening shot of the toy raptor sends a neat subliminal message about extinction for those who are unprepared for the worst. Though if hungry T. Rexes have returned to reclaim their world, this family might be better off staying indoors.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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