Read this guy’s novella … if you can find it

Heppner copy

Acclaimed novelist Mike Heppner's latest effort, Man, from Small Anchor Press, part of four-book cycle, is not for sale anywhere. Even so, he's got a unique marketing and distribution plan for it. Five-hundred copies have been left in random locations across the country, and people who find them are being asked—in a note left inside each book—to send e-mails revealing who they are, where they found the book and what they thought of it after they read it. So far, Heppner has gotten two fairly positive responses, both from Philadelphia-area college students who found the novella in their school libraries. That's fairly savvy media planning and not a bad strategy for hitting the target audience. And 498 copies are apparently still out there. This story is just made for the nightly news. And if Oprah ever finds out, well, who knows? Via <HTMLGIANT>.

—Posted by David Gianatasio