Razr 2 has all sorts of fun, colorful features

The Motorola Razr 2 is a nifty phone, judging by this ad from Michel Gondry. First off, it’s as big as a house, which ordinarily would be a drawback, until you realize what’s inside. You turn the phone on by jumping on a hopscotch grid on the sidewalk. Once activated, the giant handset lights up in squares, which contain helpful, application-specific faces, then falls back to reveal a forest of spiky trees, from whose branches you can conveniently retrieve your e-mail. You enter the phone through a window on the floor, and a robot will photograph you driving a car, riding a wave and flying an airplane. The robot can also become a drummer/racecar driver and entertain in various musical styles. As an added feature, your fellow concertgoers can morph into blue waves, so you can go for a swim. To turn the phone off, you simply call out for a giant glowing hand, which swoops down from the night sky and does it for you. For a couple hundred bucks, it looks like a steal. Read more, and see a making-of video, on this site.

—Posted by Tim Nudd