Rats still vermin, as far as we’re concerned

Rat21_2Looks like there is finally a conclusion to the Great Pointed Archer mystery, and frankly, it’s not all that exciting. According to this story in today’s New York Post, PR firm Cohn & Wolfe created the campaign, along with ad agency DiMassimo, to “draw the attention of marketing officers at big corporations,” the premise being that if the two companies could re-hab the rat, they could re-hab just about anything. (Actually, what the rat really needs is a redesign, particularly of the long, hairless tail. A shorter tail covered in soft fur would do wonders.) The effort continued today with a PR stunt: a rally in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park featuring a giant inflated rat. That seems kind of strange—we were walking along the south side of the park just yesterday, and sure enough there was a giant, inflated rat there, but it was part of a protest in front of New York University’s Bobst Library—something, we think, to do with how the school is treating unions. Now that can’t be good for the image of rats. [UPDATE:  We read on Gawker that the point of the rally was to protest the use of the giant, inflated rat in the union protest, if any of you care—which frankly, looks unlikely.]

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor