Rare Tub of McDonald’s McJordan Barbecue Sauce Sells for $10K

Nasty bit of memorabilia dates from early '90s

Michael Jordan might not remember the McJordan burger, which graced Chicago-area McDonald's locations in the early 1990s, but clearly someone does, as an unopened gallon of the barbecue sauce designated for the McJordan just sold on eBay—for $9,995! How the seller ever procured said gallon hasn't been disclosed, and we're all probably better off not knowing, but tracking it down was certainly well worth the time. Keep in mind that the sauce's ingredients are the same as what McDonald's uses for its barbecue sauce today, so this was an absolutely useless piece of minor pop-culture trivia connected to a promotional burger that most of the country never even tasted. Predictably, at least 10 people bid on it.