Rapping fireman delivers fire-safety PSA

The London Fire Brigade has created one of the cooler PSAs of all time, featuring Stephen-remell Coleman, a fireman who raps about fire safety. Coleman, who is building a rap career in his spare time under the name Controversy, wrote the song, “Got Mine Got Yours,” about fire alarms, in about half an hour. “The brigade hadn’t been able to reach a demographic, and as I am from the ethnic community, I thought why not use my skills to fill it,” he tells the BBC. “They would relate to me and understand and grasp the message.” It certainly beats fire-safety videos like this one. Coleman says he’s heard his fellow firefighters seem to like the song. “The guys on my team don’t do it in front of me, but I’ve heard them humming it,” he says. “They say they don’t want me to get a big head and go all Hollywood with it.” Via Neatorama.

—Posted by Tim Nudd