Rappers fail to bite on Big Mac offer

Bigmac_1In March, news leaked out that McDonald’s was offering hip-hop artists cash for mentioning the Big Mac in their raps—between $1 and $5 per radio play, in fact. Seven months later, the Guardian reports that not a single rapper has taken the 576-calorie bait. The humorous Guardian story reads, in part: “ ‘We have not identified the right opportunity, muthafucka,’ said a [McDonald’s] spokesman (apart from the last bit, obviously), adding: ‘We have not yet identified the match that we’ve been looking for.’ ” The paper sums up the initiative this way: “Being a predominantly white, suit-and-tie kind of corporation, they forgot to look at it from the rapper’s point of view. They forgot that it’s not cool for a rapper, whose career depends on ‘keeping it real’ to sell his soul to a white multinational corporation.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd