Raise Your Man Boobs With Pride, Football Fans

EA Sports celebrates the 'totally devoted'

Not that you could tell by the triple-digit temperatures in some parts of the country, but it's almost fall, better known to many as football season. That means drunken tailgate parties and wasted fans showing copious amounts of team spirit and way more skin than they should. EA Sports, via agency Heat San Francisco, has gotten a jump on such campus tomfoolery with a series of NCAA Football 12 ads focused on team devotion. The highlight is definitely the "True Friend" spot below, starring an oversized Louisiana State University fan who doesn't mind letting it all hang out in honor of the purple and gold. I hope the school appreciates the effort because I certainly do not. The spots are currently running on NBC, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and a variety of sports-related websites. Check out more after the jump.