Ragú Is Comfort Food for Kids Who've Just Seen Their Parents Have Sex

New ad stirs up viewers

This Ragú spot from ad agency Barton F. Graf 9000 sends a kid into his parents' bedroom, where he presumably sees them having sex. A meal slathered with Ragú pasta sauce is then positioned as comfort food after such a shock. (Thankfully, we never learn how Mom and Dad were positioned.) The spot for the Unilever brand broke during the Olympics and is surging on YouTube, heading toward half a million views with copious commentary, pro and con, and endless "saucy" references to "al dente," "Prego/preggo" and "sausage and meatballs." (At least he didn't stumble across his parents alfresco—in the backyard pool, perhaps—then he'd really be traumatized.) The tagline is: "A long day of childhood calls for America's favorite pasta sauce." I'd have thought a heaping dish of double chocolate swirl would be more comforting, but after watching those Little Baby's Ice Cream ads, I think we'd better stick with the marinara. Check out a second, spit-themed 30-second spot after the jump, along with a couple of :15s.