RadioShack Throws Sexy Ladies, Phallic Objects and Robin Thicke Into Awkwardly Suggestive Ad

Those aren't hot dogs!

#UWANTIT? #NOUDONT. Grasping for relevance in the youth market, RadioShack serves up a strange, suggestive spot featuring gals in bikinis and plastic wrap dancing to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and caressing phallic Pill speakers from Beats by Dr. Dre. The ad, which also stars Thicke, is basically a rehash of the artist's uber-popular "Blurred Lines" video, and ties in with a promotion that lets customers access a remix when they buy any Beats by Dr. Dre device. "I know you want it" is a key line from the song, and #UWANTIT is the title of the ad. The level of silliness on display makes me want to beat myself in the head with a package of D batteries (only $12.99 at The Shack!) Yes, the clip has quickly amassed 700,000 YouTube views. But RadioShack shouldn't get too excited about that, because I'm betting the numbers say more about the tune's smooth mojo and the sexy imagery on display than any renewed excitement about the retail brand. RadioShack comes off like an unhip, balding, middle-aged dude desperately trying to prove he's down with the kids—and failing badly. (Being unhip, balding and middle-aged myself, I should know!) The dying chain's desire for reinvention is understandable, but how tossing off quick-buzz pop-culture crap like this is supposed to help it survive over the long haul beats me.