R. Lee Ermey Rides for Victory Motorcycles

Campaign includes long-form content

R. Lee Ermey, last seen in Geico's "Sarge" spot, which asked if former drill sergeants make terrible therapists, is back in another commercial venture—this time for Victory Motorcycles. Ermey is affectionately known as Gunny, not only because of his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket but because that's his actual rank in the Marine Corps. And he has the smack talk to prove it. Gunny shipped out to Sturgis, the motorcycle rally of motorcycle rallies, to challenge bikers to take a Victory ride with him. Since the circles of bikers and veterans form an impressively overlapped Venn diagram, the choice of Ermey is smart. See the 30-second TV spot from The Integer Group below. Of course, as we learned from Harley-Davidson, bikers seem to like longer videos that focus on the bikes more than slick marketing spots. So, after the jump, check out a longer clip, which has only a light peppering of lovable Gunny moments. There's something to be said for choosing a brand-appropriate execution above the intense desire to watch Gunny scream creative obscenities for the whole four minutes.

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