Qwest ads seduce penny-pinching Luddites

Draftfcb has launched some new ads for Qwest that tout the company's high-speed Internet service as both cheap and great for data protection. (Those two message are widely kept separate, as "cheap data protection" doesn't sound reassuring.) In one ad, a young woman explains she's working on a farm because she lost her thesis on "medieval cooking rituals" to a computer crash. Was she really going to get a better job with that major? The actress gives the best performance so far this year by someone pretending to stick his or her arm inside a cow. In another spot, a cost-cutting homemaker sucks up the dregs from a ketchup packet. Soon she'll move on to the hard stuff: mustard. Overall, the campaign implies that Qwest sees its potential customers as technologically inept cheapskates. I happen to fit that description, but since I don't appreciate companies pointing it out when they're soliciting my business, I'd probably go with Comcast instead.

—Posted by David Gianatasio