Quiznos finally sends Baby Bob packing

Quiznos has a new marketing campaign that carries the tagline “Eat up” and focuses on something called a Flatbread Chopped Salad, which is apparently so good that it will be served, if you can believe it, with a “real metal fork.” But the real welcome news here is that Baby Bob has been fired. The lascivious talking toddler, who anchored Quiznos’ ads since January 2005, is “out of the picture,” confirms the press release. Bob’s ignominious demise follows a career of ups and downs. He began as a dot-com star, advertising FreeInternet.com. After the crash, he had his own sitcom on CBS. Then he displaced the Spongmonkeys as Quiznos’ ad spokesman. Through it all, he never ceased to annoy and creep out viewers. He still has his own corner on the Quiznos Web site, but hopefully that’s just an oversight. Quiznos once proudly remarked that Bob “blends baby appeal with a sophisticated 40-year-old personality.” How that’s meant to be appealing in any way remains a mystery.

—Posted by Tim Nudd