Quiz: Are you a caveman or a gecko?

Viva Rock Vegas, I’m caught up in caveman sitcom fever! Which got me thinking — people sometimes try to discern if they’re more like dogs or cats. So, in honor of ABC’s decision to develop the Geico ad concept into a show, the question should be: Are you a caveman or a gecko?
  Cavemen are: hirsute, hulking, surly, whiny, insecure, unevolved, extinct.
  Geckos are: green, slender, witty, cocky, Cockney, self-assured, cold-blooded.
  I’m neither hulking nor green (most days), and I’ve started recycling cans and bottles to avoid extinction. Still, truth be told, I do combine several attributes of both. OK, on to the next question: Are you a John Hodgman or a Justin Long? It’s so simple, a Dave-man can do it! (I couldn’t resist.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio