Quiet your mind with a little David Lynch TV

Ponder, if you will, the notion of David Lynch TV. You might think it would be a genius oasis where fans can get their unique fix of Lynchian weirdness and David can hawk his DVDs. But in fact, DLF.TV plans to focus to spread the good word of Transcendental Meditation. Of course, hard-core Lynch fans like the paying subscribers to DavidLynch.com will still enjoy DLF.TV features like "David Doing Stuff" and "Daily David," where you can watch him jam with Moby or rant about the current state of cinema. The network kicks off this Saturday with an all-star show in which Paul & Ringo, Eddie Vedder, Moby, Sheryl Crow and others will gently rock Radio City Music Hall for the David Lynch Foundation's Change Begins Within benefit concert—the goal of which is to give Transcendental Meditation to any student who wants it. Since the foundation began, they've given 70,000 at-risk students scholarships to learn TM. Now, they've set their goal at 1 million meditating children. The whole thing seems noble enough, but I can't shake the feeling that there's a dark side to all of this that will only be revealed when David calls on his transcendental minions to rise up and destroy the iPhone.
—Posted by Rebecca Cullers