Quaker, not Apple, using Ames room

Last time we checked in with Errol Morris, he was telling The Huffington Post that he was looking forward to filming new Apple ads in a specially built Ames room, which is a room “built in a completely distorted way in order to create an optical illusion based on perspective.” Now, though, it appears the Ames-room project is for Quaker Oats’ new “Weight Control” oatmeal, not Apple. (In the HuffPo interview, Apple’s name has been removed from Morris’ answer, and a footnote at the bottom reads, “Update: The Ames room Errol Morris describes is for an upcoming, but separate, campaign for Quaker Oats.”) On his Web site, Morris has posted a video showing himself and Ricky Jay wandering around the Quaker Ames room, and includes some interesting observations on how the Ames room works.

—Posted by Tim Nudd