Putting the brands in your brand new home

And to think my interest was piqued just yesterday by the notion of putting ads on the sides of freight cars. Now, some outfit called Riley in Raleigh, N.C., in a move oddly timed to coincide with the national foreclosure frenzy, promises to “turn upscale new homes into a media vehicle.” The launch release continues: “Manufacturers will purchase space for product placement within the home, which will then be designed and constructed to take fullest advantage of the products’ attributes. The homes and the products … will be viewable, during and after construction, over the Internet, via print and e-mail.” The company’s name, by the way, via ad shop The Republik, is shorthand for “Life of Riley,” as in: “The good life.” Imagine opening your Levolor blinds and seeing a train go by with ads on the cars for Levolor blinds. Or Fox could join in, with every TV in the house showing … House. Now that’s integration.

—Posted by David Gianatasio