Purity Bear Is Back, and Now He’s a Sassy Black Woman

Best to abstain from these commercials

Ah, Purity Bear—that cute, cuddly, morally indignant stuffed animal who ambushes teenagers just as they're about to have life-ruining sexual intercourse. We first encountered P.B. last month, when he swooped in out of nowhere to remind one young couple that having one partner, after marriage, is the God-approved way to enjoy sex. Now, he's is back in a new spot, popping up to surprise a couple in a car. Instead of his previous low male voice, he's now got a sassy black-woman thing going on. "You'd better run, girl," P.B. tells the damsel in distress, as the Supremes' "Stop! In the Name of Love" plays. This spot, like the last one, sends viewers to DayOfPurity.com, which offers "those who strive for sexual purity an opportunity to stand together in opposition to a culture of moral decline." I think we can all agree to stand together in opposition to these ads. Via Work That Matters.