Purina Unveils Friskies-Branded iPad Games for Cats

There are already a few iPad games you can buy for your cat, but now Purina's Friskies has become the first pet-food brand to capitalize on the trend by offering three free cat games for iPad and Android tablets. The games, created by Fosforus in Austin, Texas, are called Cat Fishing, Tasty Treasure Hunt and Party Mix-up—and were created "based on research of cats' senses and how they react to different stimuli." (Translation: Cats really like to chase shit that moves.) Friskies also has an app called "Here Kitty Kitty" that produces the melodious sounds of a food bag rustling, a bird chirping, a can opening and other cat-enticing noises. So, you can run that app first, and then boot up the games. Mondo Studios also whipped up some Friskies-branded online games for owners called Wonderland Quest and Wonderland Quest II. To test the effect of the games, Purina commissioned a study by Dynamic Logic that showed the human games had a positive impact not only on sales but also on the perceived quality of Friskies taste. Go figure. I can't wait until they test the impact of the iPad games on the cats. Cutest focus group ever.