Puddles the Golden-Voiced Clown Wants You to Ditch the Corporate Drudgery

Loan service ad reminds entrepreneurs of all they leave behind

If you've ever been a corporate clown, you can relate to this spot aimed at small business owners who fled the office circus to live their dreams.

Puddles, the Sad Clown with the Golden Voice, sings an altered version of the 1899 song "Keep on the Sunny Side," made popular in the 1920s by The Carter Family. His version, entitled "Keep on the Corporate Side," is a satirical ode to all things loathed by corporate wage slaves.

From the mockery that is casual Friday to dreams of vacations we can never take, the song is depressingly accurate. Lines like, "When they give you birthday cake, it just seems a little fake," might make you rethink every corporate-enforced celebration you've ever tried to enjoy. Luckily, Puddles' antics in the video and his melodious voice keep you smiling. And, of course, the video ends on a happy note as Puddles packs up his desk and quits.

Small business loan service Kabbage Inc. created the spot with Atlanta's BreenSmith Advertising Agency to appeal to small business owners who've jumped the corporate ship (and those about to make the leap).

It's interesting to note the video encourages people to share their #sadclown stories, since that's a hashtag already in use by Puddles for his unrelated antics. But hey, you might as well have something come up when people search for your hashtag, and you could do worse than videos of a sad clown with an amazing singing voice.