PTC loathes, helps promote AshleyMadison

It's not just GoDaddy that's feeling some heat for its moral oblivion following the Super Bowl. Apparently, more than 90,000 members of the Parents Television Council have lashed out at Houston's NBC affiliate for airing an ad for during the game. As we know, Canada pre-empted the pro-adultery Web site's spot with more wholesome fare. Yeah, this PTC action gives AshleyMadison some press. But I must say, it's nice to see the PTC take a break from its usual irrelevant posturing to rally against something that actually is morally objectionable. Still, I'm sure they'll be back to warning parents about explicit YouTube videos soon enough. At least, I hope they are. Between this and Obama winning, I'm wondering if I've been in a coma since early November and everything since has just been a pleasant dream.

—Posted by David Kiefaber