The Protection You’re Looking for: ‘Star Wars’ Condoms

Italian graphic designer's prototypes

Perhaps as a nod to the pile of unloved Star Wars merch we wrote about last month, Italian graphic designer Benedetto Papi designed a collection of custom Star Wars condoms, perfect for a vending machine in the bathroom at the Mos Eisley Cantina. Each one bears a picture of someone from the trilogy and a quote relevant to their character—C-3PO's "Human-Cyborg Relations" is the winner here, and Boba Fett's is cute because clearly no one sat down and gave him the Talk about where clones come from. Kinda bummed that there's no R2-D2 wrapper, but I guess his inarticulate beeps are too hard to transcribe. It's just as well, though. That droid's mind went to some dark places. Via Laughing Squid.