Promises rehab center looking dazed, too

Lohanmug Lindsay Lohan is sinking like a stone, but Promises Treatment Centers, the swanky rehab facility where she recently spent six weeks, isn’t smelling like roses, either. Jay Leno joked last night, “Didn’t she just leave that rehab center in Malibu? Promises? I hope she kept the receipt. What is the promise? They keep the room ready for you?” Of course, most rehab patients eventually relapse, but you might expect better than two weeks sober from a place that charges $50,000 for 30 days. Maybe most of that money goes to the masseurs, the personal trainers and the juice-bar attendants. In any case, Lohan could be shifting her brand loyalty, as some reports say she’s now checked into Betty Ford. Meanwhile, Slate weighs in with a piece explaining why Lohan can’t get her money back from Promises. And the parody stories are circulating, too, including this one: “Bar shut down at Promises rehab after Lohan arrest.

—Posted by Tim Nudd