Progressive Brings Back Its Painfully Relatable Campaign About Becoming Your Parents

Put down the speakerphone, submarine book and pillows

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Not using silent mode? You might be on the path to becoming your parents. Dr. Rick is here to help. Progressive
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Nothing ages you like home ownership. Perhaps it’s the financial strain, added responsibility or just the mental exhaustion of learning how to fix the million things that break five minutes after moving in.

For the past four years, Progressive has been tapping into the relatable transformation that happens to first-time homeowners. In “Guys Night Out,” for example, we saw how this rapid aging left friends stuck with a guy who shook hands on the dance floor and couldn’t pronounce “jalapeno.”

Now the campaign from agency Arnold is back and painfully valid as ever.

This time, Progressive introduces Dr. Rick, a supposed “parenta-life coach” who helps home buyers avoid the fate of becoming their parents.

Dr. Rick once again expands the Progressive pantheon of ad characters, anchored by Flo but encompassing everyone from half-man, half-motorcycle Motaur to star quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Progressive CMO Jeff Charney has described the brand’s strategy of parallel campaigns as being similar to a TV network that hosts a wide range of ongoing shows.

The spots were directed by Martin Granger, who’s also helmed several other spots in the campaign over the years.

In addition to the two new spots, Progressive has also made a mini-mockumentary about Dr. Rick’s (fictional) career, which includes his book, “Un-becoming Your Parents.”

Agency: Arnold
Chief Creative Officer: Sean McBride
Group Creative Director: Gregg Nelson
VP Creative Director: Michael Sullivan
Creative Director: Thomas Hair
Associate Creative Director: Zac Milner
SVP Executive Producer: Sean Vernaglia
Assistant Producer: Danielle Balanov
Head of Business Affairs: Danielle Ivicic
Senior Brand Strategist: Molly Chisholm
Chief Client Officer: Val Bettini
Marketing Director: Alex McSweeney
Director of Project Management: Tina Meade

Production Agency: Moxie Pictures
Editorial House: Cosmo Street
Visual Effects: Zero VFX
Postproduction Agency: Soundtrack Group
Director: Martin Granger

@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."