Pro Stars Morph Back to College Selves in NBA’s Striking March Madness Ads

Translation's crossover dribble

The NBA is putting a whole new spin on throwback jerseys.

The professional basketball league has launched its first campaign around NCAA March Madness by employing a neat visual trick—showing NBA stars with overlaid animations of the college uniforms from their NCAA days.

Stephen Curry, James Harden, Al Horford, Kyle Lowry, Paul Pierce, Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook all star in 15-second ads from Translation, voiced by the indomitable Dick Vitale.

It's not just the clothes that change. Westbrook, presently of the Oklahoma City Thunder and formerly of the UCLA Bruins, transforms into a bear wearing a pair of the player's infamous red glasses. Even the YouTube video descriptions are packed with Vitale slang, Easter eggs for the hardcore zealots.

Running under the tagline "The dance never ends," it's a nice simple concept, illustrating that some of the college stars that viewers are cheering on now will be in the NBA soon enough—and that it's OK to enjoy both leagues.

The spots don't show the pros giving up wads of cash as they return to the NCAA, though.


Brand/Client: NBA

Campaign Title: "March Madness"

Spot Title: "2015 March Madness Animated, Baby!" 

First Air Date: 3/23/15

Agency: Translation 

Chief Executive Officer: Steve Stoute 

Chief Creative Officer: John Norman

Chief Strategy Officer: John Greene

Executive Creative Director: Betsy Decker

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