‘Pride of Pyongyang’ slogan goes over big in North Korea

Kim Jong-il has decided that promoting one of his
favorite breweries is more important than Communist principles and has
authorized North Korea's first beer advertisement for the Taedonggang Beer
Factory. Kim's love of fine alcohol has long been documented—particularly
his fondness for Hennessy, on which he apparently spends between
$650,000 and $720,000 annually (the average Korean earns about $900 a year, so clearly
their leader is reacting to Hennessy's "Flaunt your taste" message). The ad
calls the beer the "Pride of Pyongyang" and claims that it will
help ease stress. The two-and-a-half minute (!) spot also promises: "It
represents the new look of Pyongyang…It will be a familiar part of our
lives." You've gotta love the zany background music and the way the text
flies onto the screen like a PowerPoint presentation on crack. Maybe this move
will spur public demand for consumer products. Or for some decent graphic

Posted by Rebecca Cullers