Preteen Human Larvae Prefer General Mills Fruit Snacks

Saatchi ad could use a metamorphosis

I've soured on weird advertising for sweets because of this new spot for General Mills's fruit snacks via Saatchi & Saatchi in New York (and Biscuit Filmworks director Jeff Low). A preteen boy emerges all sticky from a giant cocoon hanging in a closet. His preteen pal watches from a bed and whispers, "You look delicious." The first boy takes a taste of the cocoon and replies, "I feel delicious." Holy subtext! To me, the approach feels awkward and creepy, especially since kids are involved. If nothing else, it's way too open to misinterpretation. Also, "Cocoon" lacks the inspired, go-for-broke freakishness of earlier General Mills fruit-snack ads, like the Fruit by the Foot DNA battle or the saga of the Fruit Gushers kid with the squirting eye. Why not change direction completely and make an old-school ad with kids wolfing down candy, without the weirdness and innuendo? That would be a welcome metamorphosis. 

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