President of Volvo Trucks Isn't a Daredevil. He Just Plays One in This Insane YouTube Stunt

All hail Claes Nilsson

Claes Nilsson, the president of Volvo Trucks, talks up the Volvo FMX while standing—it is soon revealed—on a truck being suspended over the water by a crane in this crazy YouTube video, which calls out its own craziness. (There's "no trick filming," the automaker assures us.) I'm not a fan of ads calling attention to their own composition—that "needs a hook" line grates on me like sandpaper—but there's something undeniably endearing about a man in a suit wearing a hard hat. Plus, you have to admire the bluntness of the stunt, and its effectiveness (almost 700,000 views in two days). As the top YouTube comment saliently wonders of the FMX: "How can it possibly carry the weight of his balls?"