Preakness spokes-centaur is ready to party

If you’ve been longing for some good centaur-centric advertising in the three years since Old Spice’s showering man-horse, then you’re going to love Kegasus. The new spokesbeast for Preakness Stakes is half stallion, half Kenny Powers and all party manimal. Unveiled Tuesday as the marketing icon for this year’s infield festivities at the Maryland horse race, Kegasus is described by the Baltimore Sun as “a centaur with a nipple ring, body hair and ample beer gut.” As you can see from the first TV spot below, that’s about the sum of it. The campaign already has its neigh-sayers, including, randomly enough, NPR World of Opera host Lisa Simeone, who tells the Sun: “The guy looks like a bloated drunk. Are you kidding me? There’s no way to say this is not encouraging outright drunkenness.” But considering the work was created to promote a binge-drinking bacchanalia complete with bikini contest, I’m guessing the organizers aren’t too sad about losing the NPR opera demographic. Kegasus is the brainchild of D.C. agency Elevation Ltd., which also made last year’s equally debated “Get your Preak on” campaign.

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