Potbelly subs cannot contain their own girth

Palm+Havas's new campaign for Potbelly Sandwich Works promotes the "Bigs," which is apparently an offer of 30 percent bigger sandwiches for an extra $1. The work takes a straightforward approach, grafting "er" onto words to make their point. Some of the executions invade the space of neighboring (fake) ads, ostensibly because the sandwiches are so big. This visual idea works OK, but tongue-tying headlines like "bigger-er," "hungrier-er," "fulfilling-er" and "satisfying-er" just look wrong. And the "Bigs" itself sounds like a malady of the gastrointestinal variety. (Example: That sandwich gave me the Bigs something awful.) Thanks a lot, Potbelly, but Denny's sounds like a safer bet for lunch. Yes, I could've said "safer-er." But that would've been predictable, and in the case of Denny's food, woefully inaccurate.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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