Postaer not impressed by bible’s copywriter


Steffan Postaer has a thing for how admen can improve religion. His novel The Happy Soul Industry details how a hip ad agency helps God fix his brand. The Euro RSCG Chicago chief creative officer is still thinking about it. On his blog this weekend, Postaer gave a scathing review of God's main ad vehicle: the bible. His take on the children's version: "The opening copy is pretty terrific. Unfortunately, the text grows clunky and wearisome and, almost as if to alleviate the boredom, horrifyingly violent. Within four pages, Cain murders his only brother, his 'blood staining the earth.' Dull and/or horrifying does not a good bedtime story make." Postaer recounts trading the bible for a book about dogs—and gets in a plug for his novel.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey