A post that’s not for the easily offended

Everyone is making offensive ads these days, if only because the public is so easily offended. Creating such ads, then pulling them amid profuse apologies, has become de rigeur. (I’m not sure what de rigeur means, but it’s French and sounds classy.) Maybe the summer heat is making tempers flare, but just this past week: Mars withdrew a U.K. Snickers commercial some called homophobic; New Yorkers worried about pro-Muslim ads set for display in the city’s subways; and animal rights groups complained about a Verizon spot starring a “junkyard dog.” So, here’s a lazy summer-Friday question: What was the most offensive ad (or ad campaign) of all time—and why? Go to the comments and share. Share, damn you! Links would also be nice. Oh, if you’re wondering about my personal choice(s) … I actually can’t afford the luxury of taking offense, since I’m so often offensive here on AdFreak. Heavy is the head, people. Hmm, I wonder if any French readers found my flippant use of de rigeur offensive. Do we have any French readers? Silly frogs. Crap, now they’ll really be offended. Jerks.

—Posted by David Gianatasio