Post-Hot-Girls Era at Go Daddy Begins … With a Hot Girl

Brand's 'evolution' via Deutsch is a slow one

When Go Daddy hired ad agency Deutsch in June, it claimed it wanted to move beyond the kind of sleazy "Go Daddy Girls" dreck it had been producing in-house for years, notably for Super Bowls. Well, below is the company's first Deutsch ad, and it opens with … a girl in a skin-tight outfit, parading behind glass like a zoo animal, her bottom being sniffed by a large rodent. Way to reinvent yourself, Go Daddy! To the domain-name company's credit, the creature is an otter—not, as one would have supposed, a beaver. After giving you sufficient time to ogle "Charlene," the spot pans right to show "Carl," a Go Daddy technician who keeps the company's servers humming and your website up and running—then returns to Charlene, who's now petting her hairy beast. The tagline is, "Hot for technology." Clearly, while it wants the ads to explain more about what the company does, Go Daddy believes it can't jettison its old image right away. "This is more of an EVOLUTION, not a REVOLUTION," they tell us in an email. What it ends up feeling like, of course, is a half-measure. In fact, that's literally what it is—half Charlene, half Carl. Deutsch does bring a bit more quality to the proceedings, but the "evolution" idea is lame, particularly since the original work was so poor. What we need is full Carl—preferably uncensored online footage, too hot for TV, showing him fixing an overheated server. The "Otter" spot will air on NBC during the Olympics.