A post about Zune ads and more Zune ads

Since the New York Post reports this morning that Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player is “flying off the shelves” in New York, we thought we’d go ahead and post about Zune ads. Somehow, from what’s on the official Zune site and on YouTube (which has more ads than Zune.net), 30 seconds isn’t enough time to convey the iPod wannabe’s coolest feature: that you can share content wirelessly with other Zunes. (The fact that its screen is bigger than iPod’s comes through loud and clear.) One other thing to notice about the Zune ads is that they assiduously avoid any mention of the player’s creator, Microsoft. That’s probably good, since doctored pictures like the one above, published in the Post several weeks ago, don’t exactly help Zune’s image. YouTube also has the inevitable parody about the Zune done in the style of iPod ads. As for Apple, it said yesterday that it has signed deals with several major airlines that would allow people with iPods to view their video content through the back-of-the-seat monitors. See? Competition is a good thing.