Portland says you really suck at advertising

Portland, Ore., wants you to know that its excellent advertising is far superior to your stupid advertising. And it's decided to take on all comers with a spinning insult wheel. Ant Hill Marketing's promo for the city's ad-awards show, The Rosey Awards, includes the wheel as a handout and part of the Web site. Assuming you're a creative, but not creative enough to come up with your own smack talk, you can spin to get insults directed at New York, Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Boulder, Colo., and San Francisco, among others. A sample? For Madison, Wis., they've got, "When it comes to advertising in Wisconsin, they make great cheese." Ant Hill also plans to send taunting letters to other cities' ad groups. I presume they'll include at least one thinly veiled jab at your mom. Want to join the game and add to the animosity in the industry? Tweet them, and maybe you'll win the "Smack of the Week." According to Rosey's ambassador Kim Bratner, Portlanders are "tired of being the best-kept secret in the United States." Whiners. I have a dream—a dream that one day we'll be defined not by our city of residence but by the quality of our creative. Except for the people in Denver. Those people are all freaks.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers