Popeyes’ Christmas Sweater; 10 Best New TV Shows of 2019: Wednesday’s First Things First

Plus, Lee Clow celebrates 40 years of advertising

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Now There’s a Popeyes Christmas Sweater to Match Your Chicken Sandwich

You might as well call us Sweaterweek. Yesterday, we told the tale of the Walmart cocaine Santa sweater. Today’s featured sweater is a bit more PG. Popeyes is cashing in on its chicken sandwich fame with this instant classic ugly Christmas sweater. What better way to say Merry Christmas to your friends and family than with a Christmas card featuring you eating a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich while wearing a Popeyes Christmas sweater? (If you do this, we are required by law to shout you out in a future edition of First Things First.)

Read more: For the low, low price of $44.99, a Popeyes Christmas Sweater Could Be Yours.

Exclusive: Bloomberg Media Makes First Acquisition in 10 Years, Secures CityLab From The Atlantic

If you’ve ever visited CityLab, you’ll know that you can easily go down a rabbit hole of fascinating stories about urban planning, battling climate change and the weirdest quirks about cities. The site, which began in 2011 as a standalone brand in The Atlantic umbrella, will now be part of Bloomberg Media. It’s the first acquisition for the publisher since it acquired BusinessWeek in 2009 from McGraw-Hill. CityLab scored 1.7 million visitors in October and will continue to operate as a standalone brand under Bloomberg.

Read more: Publishing editor Sara Jerde goes into detail about why the acquisition makes sense for Bloomberg, as CityLab’s aim to cover innovation fits into Bloomberg’s coverage of forward-thinking technologies.

For Adweek’s 40th Anniversary, Lee Clow Looks Back on How Advertising Has Grown Up

In each edition of the magazine, a top voice from the community writes a column about a hot topic in the industry. For our 40th anniversary issue, who better to write this week’s Voice column than Lee Clow, the chairman, emeritus of TBWA\Media Arts Lab? In his piece, Clow thanks Bill Bernbach, Helmut Krone, Phyllis Robinson, Mary Wells and more for their industry-altering ideas that drove advertising into a new era that welcomed a more diverse and inclusive workforce and opened the doors to the industry so that success be found outside of New York from L.A. to Nashville and Portland to Minneapolis.

Read more: Clow celebrates 40 years of change in the industry he loves.

The 10 Best New TV Shows of 2019

Yesterday, we brought you the 10 best shows of 2019. Today, it’s the 10 best new shows. In a sea of over 500 scripted series, a TV show has to hit the ground running to stand a chance nowadays. TV editor Jason Lynch highlighted the shows that killed it from day one. Once again, OTT services ruled the day, grabbing seven of the 10 spots on the list, with Netflix and Hulu landing three shows in the top 10.

Read more: The top show on the list came from HBO, while OWN, CBS and Amazon also snagged spots.

Best of the Rest: Today’s Top News and Insights

Ad of the Day: The Tooth Fairy’s Solo Business Finally Booms in This Charming Ad About Ads

Scaling any business is important, and nobody knows that better than the Tooth Fairy. She’s been a solo entrepreneur for ages, converting millions of children’s teeth into cash with nary an executive assistant.

But those days are over now, thanks to a marketing tactic that has finally taken her business from struggling LLC to publicly traded unicorn—according, at least, to a new ad from Mother London.

What can managers do to effectively manage remote employees?

Dave Brown, co-founder, Brown&co

Being disciplined with time and frequency of check ins are vital to ensure there is a good level of culture building and connectivity with the team. There is a high degree of trust between each other and this flexible remote way of working allows our teams to work when is best for them and of course wherever that may be. So long as there is a fast internet connection, location is never an issue. In fact, it’s far more rewarding to work in a venue or area which resonates with the brand or category in question, rather than the same four walls of an office. It’s rather liberating!

Kandi Gongora, vp people and organizational excellence, Goodway Group

A manager should provide guideposts that are grounded by your vision, purpose, strategy and values (behaviors) for your employees to thrive. This is a good balance from micromanaging and not painting the picture well enough for them to succeed. In addition, invest in weekly one-on-one meetings to have meaningful conversations, which can cover strategy, employee growth and development and well-being. Further, come to an agreement on expectations that creates work-life integration and the desired employee experience that ensures as a manger, you meet the need of the employee, client and organization. Also, a new employee may be new to a remote work culture, so have proper onboarding processes to enable the worker to be successful in their new role.