The pontiff wears Prada … and Gucci

Gucci_sunglasses1We saw recently somewhere a never-before-released photo documenting the time that Pope John Paul II wore a pair of Bono’s sunglasses, but the deceased pontiff apparently doesn’t hold a candle to Pope Benedict XVI when it comes to ecclesiastical couture, per The New York Post. The new pontiff, though sartorially-challenged by the requirement to always wear a robe, has been seen sporting “lipstick red Prada shoes” and the occasional pair of Gucci sunglasses. In fact, says the Post, on the issue of the robe, the Pope is also doing what he can to appear fashion-forward. He’s been favoring “up-and-coming tailor” Alessandro Cattaneo over robes from the house of Annibale Gammarelli, which has had a lock on the papal robe biz since 1846.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor