A political-ad site without spin doctors?

Campaignads.org claims to be the first non-partisan online forum for consumer-generated political ads. So, if you’re just dying to create a 30-second spot for Barack, Hillary or McCain (and who isn’t?), there’s the forum for you. A quick tour of the site shows it’s still very much “under construction.” So, like the candidates, campaignads.org is still working out the kinks in its platform. Not to be cynical, but I wonder how long it will take the candidates to find some “non-partisan consumers” to contribute, then disavow any knowledge of their actions. You can almost hear Tucker Carlson smacking his lips over such a potential Web-age scandal. Anyway, here’s my idea for the ultimate political ad: Mash up LBJ’s “Daisy,” Reagan’s “Morning in America” and the senior Bush’s Willie Horton spots. For the soundtrack, how about that John Mellencamp sellout song for Chevy? Toss in Joe Biden’s bizarrely fastidious commentary … and voilà! Who’s the ad for? Why, Dennis Kucinich, of course. He’s in no position to turn down free media, regardless of the content.

—Posted by David Gianatasio