A political ad that Mark Foley would love

With the odds of a political shift in the U.S. increasing, it’s important that we take a glance down the rabbit hole at international politics— specifically, at this ad from Albert Rivera’s campaign for president of Spain’s Catalonia region. For some reason, Rivera decided he should appear nude on campaign posters and fliers. The 26-year-old attorney admits that it’s “‘pure marketing’ designed to challenge conventions, earn free media coverage worldwide, and attract the support of young voters.” This would never run in the U.S., mostly because young naked men tend to attract elected politicians more than voters. But it should comfort people disturbed by the state of politics in the U.S., as Europe is clearly a bit of a cloudkookooland too. Still, let’s hope no American candidates get any ideas, if only because we can do without any puns on House majority leader John Boehner’s name.

—Posted by David Kiefaber