Polaris takes the duel off-road

As a publicity stunt, nothing beats the duel. After all, would anyone really remember Aaron Burr if he didn’t go Stephen Jackson on Alexander Hamilton in lovely Weehawken?  McKinney is onto this with a new campaign for Polaris all-terrain vehicles. Polaris CEO Tom Tiller, a rough-and-ready sort who looks up for a good scrap, is challenging six chieftains of other ATV makers to a riding competition in Vegas, via a site that draws on the style of old tabloid newspapers to throw down the gauntlet. McKinney helpfully sent over a copy of the letter Tiller wrote to one rival, Honda’s Takeo Fukui, seeing if the 62-year-old exec wants a piece of the action. He and the other CEOs have until Friday to take Tiller up on his challenge.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey