Point not-so-Pleasant

Pointpleasant"Step right up. Find a spot in the sun. Form your own special groove in the sand. Let the sun cloak your body in warmth. Relax and feel the magic of the Greater Point Pleasant Area!!" That’s the invite on a Web site for the real Point Pleasant, N.J., not the town portrayed on the Fox show of the same name, which has become AdFreak’s first appointment TV in many years. Why? Because we always suspected there was something sinister about New Jersey long before The Sopranos, and this show affirms our deepest fears. Its creators have decided that the anti-Christ could very well be female and that the setting for Armageddon will be this beach town just two hours south of New York City. Get ready to partaaay!

Even though we’re grateful that everyone in the show is astonishingly good-looking, we’re equally thankful that they’re pretty good actors, too, making this series a cut above the mindless teen fare served up the same night. But what really intrigues us, since we’re adults (or at least try to act like ones in real life), is the way the show explores what Hannah Arendt called “the banality of evil,” as illustrated by Lucas Boyd (Grant Show)—or, in the case of these characters, the simple manipulation of human frailties. 

—Posted by Kathleen Sampey

Photo credit: Fox